Month: January 2021

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Benefits of Hiring a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

The most expected day has arrived! You want everything to be perfect and run smoothly. Every wedding has some must-have items: a venue, catering, invitations, and floral arrangements. Besides these traditional wedding items, make sure to add a wedding photo booth to have an unforgettable celebration and add more entertainment to your special day!

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Easy DIY Photo Booth Backdrop

A DIY backdrop is a good idea when you are looking to minimize your event expenses and you have some hours available to work on your project. It is really helpful if you are doing it for someone else, like a relative or a friend (you’ll become their hero!). A Photo Booth is a great addition for any social event but if it doesn’t fit your budget, a DIY backdrop is an excellent option for you.

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Types of Photo Booth

Photo booths have become very popular. You can choose from many different types, but if you don’t have an idea of all the options available, you won’t get the full benefit out of a photo booth session. This post is intended to help people looking for photo booth rental services have a better understanding of the options they have when hiring a photo booth rental company.

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A Day with Superstar Moms

We had the honor of attending a Mother’s Day event that brought so much light during these uncertain times! Being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding job of all. What a joy to be able to celebrate a few amazing superstar moms!