The Best Spot for your Photo Booth at your Event

Photo booths are a great addition to any event if your main goal is to have unforgettable memories.  Have you decided to have a photo booth but are not sure where it should be located? Then this post is definitely for you! 

Your event planner should be in charge of finding the best place for your photo booth. However, it is still useful for you to  personally look at where you would like it to be and make sure that it fits all the needs of your event.  

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Photo booths often get placed in a different room from the rest of the celebration, which is one of the options available and it can be related to matters of space. 

What to consider to find the best spot for your photo booth

  1. Area with good footfall:  Some venues have a lobby area outside the main room where everybody congregates and passes through on their way to the bar or bathroom. Since this is a good passing trade, it can work pretty well. Here, the guests can have a big area to have fun (which is one of the best benefits when hiring a photo booth company) and hang out. People have more fun when they are together. 
  2. Best visibility: One of the main challenges to find the right photo booth spot is the visibility. The location needs to have enough room and be easily found by everyone. Nobody would like to miss the photo booth session. 
  3. Type of photo booth: It’s important to take into consideration the type of photo booth you will be using. A good idea is to choose the photo booth according to the venue. Mirror photo booths are fantastic – you don’t need a large space and they make real magic happen. Take a look at our Enchanted Mirror!
  4. Main room: If you have the space to place it in the main room, it would be great! Your guests will have a blast having all the joy of a photo booth session in the same room.

Photo booths are wonderful to have in any celebration, but details always matter. Make sure that you and your event planner find the best place for it so all of your guests will enjoy it.

At The Enchanted Mirror Co we have many options available to make your celebration unforgettable. Contact us for more information, we’ll be more than happy to hear from you!

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