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Mirror photo booth

Planning an event and still wondering if a mirror photo booth is a good addition to your celebration?

Here’s why a mirror photo booth is a proper addition to various types of events. 

The Enchanted Mirror is a photo booth machine disguised as a full-length mirror. Looks aside, it works very similarly to a classic photo booth. You just need to touch the mirror to take a beautiful selfie, then type in your email or phone number to receive it digitally. You also have the option to receive them printed. 


Our Enchanted Mirror photo booth is just perfect for any event, whether it is a corporate event, weddings, charity events, promo party, bachelor party, birthday parties, Mother’s Day and any particular holiday events without missing Christmas. We can literally do them all! 

What does The Enchanted Mirror can offer to your Event?

Our photo booth offers not only photos to save your memories, but also an unforgettable experience by incorporating features such as email, text, games, seating charts and much more!

Corporate Events

Our Enchanted Mirror will give your event another level of enjoyment making sure that guests have a fun and unique way of capturing their memories. A mirror photo booth will fit your corporate events perfectly. They are also incredibly diverse and can be adapted to functions of all sizes and themes. What’s more, they can also be used as part of a branding campaign with the possibility of branded photographs that will last a lifetime!


All about your special day! With our Enchanted Mirror, your special day will have a great way to capture the faces of those most precious to you while they’re having fun and it is a great ice-breaker with guests too.

The beautiful thing with The Enchanted Mirror Co is that you can accommodate the time, your backdrop styles, you have multiple prints options, from magnetic prints to high gloss prints. We can also provide you with an  album of all your guests’ photos from your wedding day. Create a unique and fun seating chart that is in line with your theme and we can even design a template just for you so that you can have unique prints!

Events with a mirror photo booth are very popular for each type of activity. People love them and they keep your guests entertained. Contact us for more information and keep in mind we can accommodate our Enchanted Mirror co according to your event and needs. 

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