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Turning 15 is one of the most significant events for a girl in the Latino community. This birthday is celebrated differently from any other as it marks the transition from childhood to a young woman.

This is one of the most special celebrations for a girl and, of course, for her parents. You remember your daughter as a baby and her first day of school feels like it was yesterday. Now you and your family are preparing for the big day, the Quinceañera!

Besides the memories that come to your mind as a parent, your daughter may have some expectations regarding the celebration. Most likely, she wants to have the time of her life with her friends.

How to plan a Quinceañera?

Let’s start with the budget. Taking into consideration the amount that you’ll be spending to celebrate the quinceañera will help you continue with the next steps. It will be easy to find the correct items including: venue, food, invites, decor, pictures, and dresses.

Celebration space – there are several options depending on how many guests you’re having and the celebration theme.

Guest list – very important step since you have to accommodate the list to your budget.

Invitations – customize your invitations according to your party theme and make sure you have them ready to send some weeks before the celebration.

Church – most quinceaneras begin with a Misa de Agradecimiento, get in touch with your church about reserving the day. 

Dress and Shoes – a very special decision, saying yes to the dress and shoes. They have to be  comfortable!

Rentals – you have to take the time to accommodate the guests with the tables. 

Cake and Menu – the whole family can help with this to make it easier to choose. The cake always goes with the celebration theme.

mirror photo booth tampa

Why is a Mirror Photo Booth a fantastic addition to Quinceañeras?

Such a special day can’t miss unforgettable memories! Photo booths are the perfect addition to any formal event. They’re very popular now and for good reason. Photo booths are more than just a picture dispenser. They’re a chance for all of your guests to take a break from eating, dancing, or small talk, and the best ice breaker!

They help make your event run smoothly and keep your guests entertained. La quinceañera will have a blast with her loved ones.

Photo booths are very easy to use! You won’t have to show your youngest cousins or your grandma how to use it, so they’ll have a blast picking out props and striking poses as much as they like.

Enjoy your celebration and have the best quinceañera ever. Be sweet with your loved ones – there are no limitations with a photo booth!

The Enchanted Mirror CO

Time flies. You’re about to celebrate your daughter’s quinceañera. Make sure that you hire professionals to be in charge of your precious memories. 

Our professional team will make sure that everything about your mirror photo booth goes smoothly and you get the best quality pictures. Your celebration will be a thing to remember for your friends and family. 

Contact us today for more information about availability, booth types and how you can customize your package!

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