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Why are photo booths so popular?

Why are photo booths so popular?

Photo booth stations were popularized years ago in shopping malls and driving schools to allow people to take passport sized pictures. After that, photo booths have been well incorporated to all types of events: weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and more. 

These days, we all carry cameras in our smartphones, but we still love the fun of the photo booth and the time dedicated to our memories in our special event. 

tampa hoto booth

This post is intended to provide some information about why photo booths are so popular.

Sharing time

Taking pictures is something we can easily do with our cameras or phones, but we don’t share the same type of quality time as having a photo booth sesion or mirror booth sesion.

Not all events allow us to spend quality time with our friends,  so the photo booth provides a fun break to the guests instead of sitting during the whole event. It may be the perfect situation where you can meet new friends. 

More memories

When you host an event with a photo booth/mirror photo booth, you’ll be able to record memories with the people you share the event with by taking pictures together. This is one of the main reasons why photo or mirror photo booths have become very popular. You will have different and unique pictures with the satisfaction of knowing that your event creates special moments for your guests.  

Best quality

People dedicate a lot of time to their events to have top results. Mirror photo booths or traditional photo booths boast the highest quality pictures and technology – our Enchanted Mirror is not an exception. We are constantly updating our software to provide you the most at any event. The Enchanted Mirror photo booth can be fully customized with any monogram, corporate logo or event design. We create lovely and unforgettable memories. 

Suitable for all ages

Great for parents! Kids love creating memories and playing with the different options available in photo booths. No more crying to have the perfect picture. Kids are not the only ones that enjoy it; elders also have a joyful time with a photo booth session! 

Traditional photo booths and mirror photo booths are fantastic all-around fun and should be considered for any type of event. The Enchanted Mirror is ready to create amazing memories for your event. Contact us for more information!

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