Roaring with Baycare

Roaring with Baycare

Well, hello there! Did the newsboy deliver your paper? 

We are honored to have been a part of the BayCare Physicians Networking event located at Del Frisco’s Grille in Tampa, FL! 

The decor was the cat’s meow as we were taken back in time to the amazing Roaring Twenties.

Beautiful gold sparkles on every table and the perfect lighting to set the tone and era. Pearls and hats everywhere! 

How exciting to have the guests arrive in ‘20s attire as they enjoy food, drinks, and friends!

Let’s boogie! The Enchanted Mirror made sure to cast it’s vote against prohibition as it played jazz music and captured all the speakeasy partying! It was so much fun watching the flappers and gangsters pose for the best photos in between drinks and fox trot dances!

Oh, you fancy huh?! Don’t worry doll face, we see your sparkly dress and accessories! Be sure to show off your smoky black and white prints! 

We had a roaring good time and are excited to work with the amazing BayCare team!

Contact us for your next event, we would love to party with all of you flappers and gangsters too!

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