Hallows Eve

Ghostly greetings, friends!
How many Halloween parties did you attend this year? We bet you won the best costume award at every single one!
We were thrilled to be able to celebrate with friends and bring the guests some fun and memories to take with them!
We had the most spooktacular time hosting this family Hallows eve party! The costumes were phenomenal and the guests were a blast! Would you believe it if I told you that the Gilligan’s Island crew made it off the island just in time to party with us? Well, they did! The decor of the home…that was just off the charts amazing, no corner left untouched.

BOO! The Enchanted Mirror arrived to snap all the glory that is Halloween. It was the perfect finishing touch with its eerie theme and magical capabilities! It captured the BEST selfies, without the stick! Group shots? No problem! Solo costume photo op? Work the mirror! Let’s not forget the most important part, instant texts of all the pictures for immediate sharing, scary!

mirror photo booth tampa fl

As vampires, we had a fang-tastic time! 

Don’t be frightened to contact us, we’d love to celebrate with you too! 

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