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Easy DIY Photo Booth Backdrop

A DIY backdrop is a good idea when you are looking to minimize your event expenses and you have some hours available to work on your project. It is really helpful if you are doing it for someone else, like a relative or a friend (you’ll become their hero!). A Photo Booth is a great addition for any social event but if it doesn’t fit your budget, a DIY backdrop is an excellent option for you.

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Types of Photo Booth

Photo booths have become very popular. You can choose from many different types, but if you don’t have an idea of all the options available, you won’t get the full benefit out of a photo booth session. This post is intended to help people looking for photo booth rental services have a better understanding of the options they have when hiring a photo booth rental company.

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A Day with Superstar Moms

We had the honor of attending a Mother’s Day event that brought so much light during these uncertain times! Being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding job of all. What a joy to be able to celebrate a few amazing superstar moms!

Roaring with Baycare

The decor was the cat’s meow as we were taken back in time to the amazing Roaring Twenties. Beautiful gold sparkles on every table and the perfect lighting to set the tone and era. Pearls and hats everywhere!

Enchanted at Mision Lago Ranch Rustic Wedding

We had the joy of attending a beautiful ranch wedding at the new Mision Lago Ranch this weekend! If you’re looking for rustic elegance, this is your place! The venue is absolutely gorgeous and the decor was perfect down to every rustic wedding detail. The courtyard and barn provide a perfect setting for all the love, dancing, and fun. Simply stunning!

Hemingway House VOL.1

We had the pleasure of being a part of one of the most elegant weddings. It was located at the amazing Ernest Hemingway House & Museum in Key West, FL. What a beauty!

Have you ever attended an event that simply exuded sophistication? This was it! The most stunning decor with every single detail telling a story. The history of the home combined with the romantic lighting gave us all the feels!

Hallows Eve

Ghostly greetings, friends!
How many Halloween parties did you attend this year? We bet you won the best costume award at every single one!
We were thrilled to be able to celebrate with friends and bring the guests some fun and memories to take with them!